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A Few Little Things

24th November 2017

Good Friday everyone!

Just a little collection of things from here and there today.

Beta Rules

As has become the norm over the past few weeks, there are some updated rules available for download. We’ve been listening to feedback, discussing, and playtesting the results, and updating the rules as we go. Again, not a huge amount of new things here, but a notable change is to the jumping rules.

We discussed before how jumping works with regards to not quite making the distance and falling, but we didn’t have specific rules for what happens when your character jumps further than expected. Now we do, thanks to some excellent feedback from you Venetians! We also had a clarification for jumping down, thought I’d share it:

carnevale miniature game  rules jumping

  • Our Venetian hero wants to jump off a 4″ building. We pick a point a little further forwards, and measure 6″ to the ground.
  • We make a DEX roll and get 3 Aces. That translates to 3″+2″ for a standard jump.
  • That doesn’t quite make it, so we move our hero the 5″ rolled and then move him vertically 1″ down.
  • Unfortunately for him, that means his jump doesn’t end on solid ground and he suffers the full penalty for falling off the top of the building.


carnevale miniature game  rules jumping

  • Our hero has learned from his mistakes before, but still wants to jump off a building. We decide to move him 6″ horizontally instead. He really flies from the building!
  • Again he rolls 3 Aces which means 5″.
  • We move him out that far and then vertically 4″ down to the floor.
  • He still ends up taking 4″ worth of damage from the fall, but now he’s much further away than before.

The moral of the story: if you think you may not make it all the way to the floor, just leap as far as you can (and perform a Controlled Landing to minus the damage)!

There will be plenty of diagrams for situations like this in the full rulebook. Although hopefully rendered a little better than my hasty scribblings!

3D Prints Go Into Rubber

Some more pictures this week from the resin room:

carnevale miniature game  casting 3d prints

carnevale miniature game  casting 3d prints

carnevale miniature game  casting 3d prints

You may recognise a few friendly faces here (and one or two unfriendly faces). These 3D prints will go into rubber to make the maser moulds. These very miniatures will then be given to the Prince of Thieves backers! Completely at random, but you lucky few will get a unique piece of Carnevale history!

Oh and for those wondering who that lady at the front is… She’s not from Venice, but you can find out more over on the TTCombat webstore this week!


Playtesting continues in the TTCombat offices! This week I had the pleasure of introducing a returning member of the TTCombat staff – Jamie – to the game. He’s been living elsewhere for a while, so hasn’t had chance to get involved.

It provided a really unique experience, which was demoing someone who is completely fresh to the game. It’s something we’ll be doing a lot more of in the future when the rulebook is finalised. It’s a great new perspective, because it helps us see which rules are easy to learn, and which could be written in different ways to help with learning.

We took a few photos, which I thought I’d share!

carnevale miniature game  battle patricians vs guild

carnevale miniature game  battle patricians vs guild

carnevale miniature game  battle patricians vs guild

carnevale miniature game  battle patricians vs guild

It was a great game! We played the Secure Arms mission from the Beta Scenarios pack. Jamie put up a valiant fight (particularly his Barnabotti and butler, who shot almost all the Life Points from most of my characters), but ultimately was beaten 2 points to 1!

A particular highlight of the game is shown in that last picture. I shoved Jamie’s Venetian Noble from the top of the building with my Capodecina. He survived though, which my Capo didn’t like. So he leapt off the building after him! He hurtled 3 stories down and splashed with a vertical takedown doing… 0 Damage. Oh fickle dice gods! The Venetian Noble then proceeded to Drown the Capodecina to within an inch of his life before swimming off. My Capo caught him eventually, managing to remove his final Life Point while only having one remaining himself! It’s those epic moments which makes the game more and more fun each time you dare to do something crazy!

That’s it for today everyone, until next week!

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