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75K! 500 Backers! Faction Focus, Painted Pledge level, Art, Links to our previous live videos and more!

31st July 2017

Another awesome day yesterday in which we have pushed to over 500 backers and £75,000 in funding!

Yesterday was our single best say since the first 😀 Great news as we head into these final 100 hours!

As we’ve hit such a huge number of backers and want to get even more people involved we’ve come up with another 2 little bonuses for the faction starter boxes. They will be included in every faction starter box purchased in this campaign if we hit 600 and then 700 backers! More on that in this evenings update.

Another 2 social goals are almost downed, just a few more mask pictures (6) & likes to go. As we are so close I have attached the sketch of the next reveal. Hopefully I can show you the coloured art later today 😀

carnevale miniature game  demolitionist

Another stretch goal taken down too! The 75,000 which is another miniature! More on that below.

We have done a few live videos during this campaign and people were asking where they can find them. The links are provided below!

First Dan and Martin talking about Carnevale

Then Lewis and Louis talking about the future of the game

Lastly Jay and Dan talking about the terrain of Carnevale

Dan has another faction focus, this time its the Strigoi

We’ve had requests for a painted pledge level for Gondolier so we’ve teamed up again with Cornish Mikey painting to offer you all of the 15 starter set miniatures ready painted to the standard shown here.

carnevale miniature game  2 player starter set

Please note, any applicable stretch goal miniatures will not come painted. If you are pledging at a level higher than Gondolier but would like the painted 2 player starter set miniatures please add £75 to your pledge. You will be able to select the option in the pledge manager.

A request was made to see some of the images from the art book so from here on in there will be one piece in both of our regular 2 daily updates. Enjoy!

Last but certainly not least lets have a look at that 75k stretch goal! This time its a Rashaar miniature!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal hybrid

A lot of people have been asking if the stretch goal miniatures are available as add ons. Good news! If they aren’t in your pledge level or you want more than one then you can add the below amounts to your pledge and select the items in the pledge manager at the end of the campaign.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter addon

List of available add-ons from the stretch goals

Resin Statue£8
Balcony Set£6

Until tonight my fellow Venetians!

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