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3D Printing Where’s Wally

9th March 2018

Hello fellow Venetians! I’m back from my “research” trip!

I learned that Venice is really small, and they eat loads of pizza. I also have plenty of reference pictures and have only just warmed up again. We missed the snow in Venice which is a bit of a shame, but probably for the best – it’s not fun walking around in snow, and there’s little else to do in the city!

Anyway, back now with some new updates.

New Character Sheets

First things first, we have new character sheets added today! We’re actually getting close to having them all available, just one more update away. There’s also been one minor change to the rules.

  • Throwing Knives have lots a point of Damage, becoming -1. Only a tiny thing, but balances them out quite a bit. It’s because we’ve been testing characters with Throwing Knives!
  • The Guild have allied with the Rialto Assassins, bringing some long ranged support to the city. They’ve also got some Dogs with a Dog Keeper. You don’t NEED the Dog Keeper to have Dogs, but they’re a lot better with one on the table.
  • Rashaar have summoned the giant Brachyura-Rashaar that we saw painted recently, along with the Advanced Hybrids too.
  • Patricians receive their unique characters Sun & Moon giving a little long range and magic support. They’ve also hired some Courtesans who still need some testing, as their rules have seen a change quite recently.
  • The Doctors have brought the dead back to life! The Morgue Doctor and The Being are shambling their way into the city, followed after by the slithering Unleashed Madman. One of my favourites!
  • The Vatican were getting a bit jealous of all the big monsters going round, so have summoned the power of Venice itself. The Summoner Priest has brought the Golgotha to life! The Vatican also get another Henchman choice in the French Guard. They’re like cheap, useless French Guard.
  • Strigoi round off their roster with a Strige, and with Vlad Dracula himself! What a powerhouse.
  • Finally, two new Gifted emerge. White Dove and Divuorafuoco & Burattino have appeared in Venice to mess things up.

As always, all available in the Dropbox folder.

3D Printing Fun

Now onto the meat of the update. I poked my head in the resin room to find out that almost every single miniature has now been 3D printed! Wow!

I asked Martin to prove it and he gave me this foam tray full of 3D prints:

carnevale miniature game

Let’s have a competition! Name a miniature you see. Just one, and someone else has to comment before you can name another. Let’s see how long it takes to get all of them! 😉

The Muscle of The Vatican

Finally, our usual treat from Fin’s painting desk. He’s been painting an Inquisition Commissioner. Purple looks nice!

carnevale miniature game

That’s all for today, folks! Let’s get the guessing game started!

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