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100k beyond our goal! Thank you!

4th August 2017

Thank you all for being part of this campaign.

Your energy in the comments was incredible and you made it such a pleasure to be a part of.

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I (Louis) plan to spend this weekend away from a computer with my wife & dogs who might have forgotten what I look like! Perhaps I will try to catch up on some sleep too! However we will all be back next week and following up on any more questions you have about the game.

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The pledge manager should be up next week (probably Wednesday) and we will continue to post more content throughout the following months.

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I hope you enjoyed meeting some of our incredible team in our final live video, they have been fantastic at developing the game and creating content for this KS. We will all be celebrating with a Venetian themed party (Dress up being essential) which we will share pictures from in due course.

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Thank you also to Vesperon Games for selling us this phenomenal IP. David Esbri is a fantastic person with incredible ideas and I hope we do him proud in taking this game from strength to strength.

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Moving forward there will be a weekly round up of activity and we cant wait to go through the beta with you and delve deeper into this awesome world.

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We only just missed out on the 130k stretch goal so as announced in the final live video this will be included in all pledges of £60 and more. Detailed MDF wells you can use for scenery or objectives 🙂 Below is one but there are 3 different variants in the set.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter mdf well

Until next time my fellow Venetians


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