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£100,000 PLUS in funding, a flood of new backers, another stretch goal smashed and a new video!

3rd August 2017

Evening all!

What a day we had today! backer numbers are soaring! The smiles here in the office are as wide as that of our Barber!

carnevale miniature game  painted barber

We’ve burst through the £100,000 Stretch goal and now we are taking down even more! The first is here!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter 105000 unlock stretch goal

Gaming Board Update!

Jay is still waiting for his resin to dry but he has been busily painting buildings today so he can share that with you tomorrow. In the mean time

We still have a video for you!

Dan and Burns take command of the Vatican and Strigoi in our latest demo. This time we even used TWO tape measures. To quote a famous movie ‘We spared no expense’ 😉

People asked to see the Guard huts revealed earlier today next to a building so here they are protecting one of our casas!

carnevale miniature game  guard huts protecting casas

The citizens whisper of a horror from the water worse than any other. A beast so large the others may as well be its play things. Few have seen it and even fewer wish to.

carnevale miniature game

Big push tomorrow as we go live with the countdown to the campaign finish!

Expect plenty of updates, a lively chat and we look forward to seeing you live from 2pm!

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

Dive right into the horrors today
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