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Fashion Show!

27th April 2018

Hello Venetians! Lewis back again.

What’s new this week? Well, Gav has finished almost all of the first draft of the background text! I can’t share any yet (not until the second draft is done, but there’s not much to change), but it means that the book is progressing nicely!

John asked for a little update on progress, so here’s a few things that I know off-hand:

  • Dice are being made at the moment, I’ll be able to share some pictures of them soon.
  • Magic cards are under construction.
  • Coins are awaiting final edits before being printed and cast (looking forward to those).
  • ALL minis are printed and almost all under rubber in their master and production moulds.
  • New TTCombat boxes arrived today so we can get them sent off to the printers to get the outer sleeves made.
  • Card buildings are all here (but I forgot to get pictures of the bridges – next week).
  • Acrylic is all cut.
  • Wood is all cut.
  • T-Shirts are here.

Wait, did that say T-Shirts?

Yes, T-Shirts

That’s right! T-Shirts were delivered to us the other day, so I thought today I’d show the designs.

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

Those are all the faction T-Shirts. They’re printed in a certain way… I don’t remember what it’s called. Jason (who you may have seen in some of our live videos) worked with the manufacturers to make sure we got them done in the best possible way. Jason used to make T-Shirts for a living, so he knows what he’s talking about!

Also, here is the exclusive Backer T-Shirt:

carnevale miniature game

This design obviously will never be available outside of this Kickstarter, so wear it with pride!

Pew Pew!

Finally, as usual, a trip to Fin’s painting desk to see what he’s been colouring in this week. He’s travelled abroad and found a Foreign Noble with a big gun!

carnevale miniature game

That’s it from us today. More next week. Take care, everyone.

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