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Backerkit This Weekend(?)

25th August 2017

Good afternoon, Venetians!

Just a couple of things to share with you today.

carnevale miniature game  backerkit update

We’re almost ready for the Backerkit launch! I’m hoping that we’ll be able to launch it on Monday, but we’re just waiting for them to finish the review. Considering it’s Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, I’d say the chances are about 50/50.

So excited for this to launch! We’ve worked really hard on it to make sure it’s easy to navigate for you, and that it has all the products listed and waiting for us so that the fulfilment process will be as quick and streamlined as possible. That means minis quicker!

As soon as we know more, we’ll post out another update, the surveys will go out, and the pre-order store will be open!

I’m just sat here F5ing the Backerkit page at the moment!

Can’t finish an update without some lovely miniatures, so here’s something from Fin’s painting desk.

carnevale miniature game  painted doctors of the ospedale

Last week I introduced you to the Doctor of the Mind. This week Fin has painted up some helpers for him! There’s a Carrion, and two Nurses (including a Stretch Goal Nurse). So cool! The Doctors are fast becoming one of my favourite factions.

I’ll keep on checking Backerkit over the next few days… see you all there soon!

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