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Backerkit is now live!

31st August 2017


The single most exciting day since the Kickstarter finished. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been a shell since that excitement stopped.


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For all you lovely backers, you should have a survey waiting in your inbox (check your junk if not). Simply click the link and follow the instructions. You’ll have questions to answer first, and then you’ll go to the add-on store. Just click any items you want to add to your cart and fill out your shipping and payment details and you’re all set! Easy as that.

For those that weren’t able to back the campaign, don’t fear! Just click that picture above and you’ll be transported to the pre-order store for late pledges. Again, just add the things you want and put in your details.

For both Kickstarter backers and late pledgers you’ll notice that there are individual items for the Stretch Goals that were unlocked. Do not add those to your cart! We’ll be sorting those all out during fulfilment, they’re merely in there to give a better idea of exactly what you’re getting – the last thing we want is people adding multiples of the same miniature without realising! Unfortunately due to the way that Backerkit operates you can add them to your cart, but even if you do you won’t get extra minis! So there.

Right, I’m going back to F5 the Backerkit page to see what everyone’s getting! I’m very excited!

If you have any questions about the Backerkit surveys or late pledges, ask away either here or PMs or on the Facebook page. I’ll do my best to answer them!

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