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Backerkit Info

1st September 2017

Good morning Venetians!

I have two bits of information for you this morning:

  • Backerkit surveys and pre-orders close at the END OF OCTOBER

  • Any late pledges WILL get any applicable stretch goals!

Let’s talk about them a little more for a sec.

Backerkit will be closing at the end of October. That means you have until October 31st to fill out your surveys, add extra add-ons, or to late pledge.
Cards will not be charged until after that date, so make sure you have funds in the correct places at that point.
We will let you all know when the surveys are going to close and will post frequent reminders to that fact. We’ll also give you all a heads up before cards are charged.

Now, stretch goals!

We had a little talk about whether late pledges should receive stretch goals. We’d previously thought that they’d only be for Kickstarter backers, because it’s you all that helped to breathe new life into Carnevale!
Then we got to thinking that we’re still improving the game right now. The more support we get, the better we can make the game, and that includes help from people that missed out during the campaign.
We had a lot of people messaging us that weren’t able to secure funds in time for the Kickstarter campaign, or only found it after it ended but were still just as enthusiastic as the rest of us, and it didn’t seem right to penalise those people!
So that’s why we’ve decided that the stretch goals will be available for everyone! If you’re an early backer or a late pledger, simply put whatever you want in your cart – we’ll add everything up and pop in the correct stretch goals when we fulfil the orders.

Speaking of stretch goals, we can’t end an update without a cool painted miniature, right? So how about a stretch goal Strigoi?

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter strigoi
Two Word: Bad. Ass.

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

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