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About Carnevale

Discover the horrors within this dark and sinister narrative game

This is the year 1795.

After a magical cataclysm that has changed Europe and the world as we know it, the city of Venice is under the effects of the Rent in the Sky. For the first time in history, magic is walking freely on its streets, ancient monsters have awakened from their submarine slumber and found their way towards the canals of this city, a decadent nobility has discovered new ways of depravity in senseless violence, and the citizens of Venice do the best they can to survive under the protection of the Guild of thieves.
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Beta Testing

Beta Rules

The Beta Rules are now available and ready for testing.

Currently, the beta rules are only available in English.
A Spanish rule sets is currently in progress.

Feedback Form

After testing Carnevale’s new rules, we’d most appreciate any feedback that you have to offer.

Follow the link below to take you to the official feedback form.
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Character Sheets



TTCombat are committed in providing exquisite characters; from the initial concept to the final resin product that is shipped direct from our warehouse, we are driven to provide you quality miniatures that are enjoyed by both collectors and players alike.

Our miniatures are currently only available for pre-order on Backerkit.

Join our chief resineer, Martin, on a quick tour of our resin department to see our process from concept to miniature.


Terrain is a large part of Carnevale’s gameplay and our excellent designers at TTCombat has ensured that there is a variety to choose from to really make your game and board unique.

You can find our complete range of scenery on the TTCombat website

Join resineer Jay in our step-by-step videos in how to build, paint and create your very own Carnevale game board and scenery.


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