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Benvenuti a Venezia!

A rent has opened in the sky drowning much of Europe.
Venice stands as a bastion, but the rent brought with it many horrors.

The city is turning on itself.
Man fights against fellow man to stake out a corner of this new world whilst monsters claw from the deep.

The canals run red.

Welcome to Carnevale
A sinister Venice circa 1775 that is both terrifying and intriguing.

The Game

Set in 1790’s Venice, safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity.
Strange creatures rise from the canals, the ruling class play violent games with lesser men, and the population of Venice try to survive.
All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night.
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Great new take on tabletop skirmish.


Our new resin miniatures are absolutely gorgeous.
They’re expertly hand-crafted from high-quality resin by our in-house resineers.
I’ve completely fallen in love with the miniatures!
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Introduction to Carnevale

Learn more about the game, it’s only 1 minute
carnevale miniature game floral swirl
If you are a fan of Lovecraftien Horror and minis then you’ll want to check this out.
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Beta Testing

Beta Rules

The Beta Rules are now available and ready for testing.

Currently, the beta rules are only available in English.
A Spanish rule sets is currently in progress.

Feedback Form

After testing Carnevale’s new rules, we’d most appreciate any feedback that you have to offer.

Follow the link below to take you to the official feedback form.
Great skirmish level game, fun RPG-ish mechanics for running, leaping, climbing etc.

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